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Pennfield Self Storage

Pennfield Self Storage

Whatever your self storage needs, Pennfield Self Storage can help you. Self Storage is a convenient, safe and inexpensive way to store your items.

Potential insurance coverage may be provided by your Home Owner's or Rental Policy.

Check with your insurance agent for more details on if your insurance policy may already cover your self storage unit or how to add the coverage you need.

Visit their website at:


From Jim, a member of the Web and Graphic Design Forum:
"I really enjoyed your presentation tonight and it is obvious that you spent a great deal of time studying it."
Jim B.
The Coolest Guy on the Planet!
Grand Rapids, MI

Website Tips

META description is a useful tool

This is written by someone else, not NMP, so we have to put this disclaimer in here:
Most SEO Experts will say keywords are no longer used... NMP's stand on the fact that search engine submission programs still ask for keywords. (actually most will not allow you to submit your website to their search engine without keywords listed)
If keywords are not listed, then why does each CMS (Content Management System) have a place for them?
Why do all website building programs still have a place for them? Shouldn't that be eliminated and used for something more useful if keywords aren't being used any longer?
Keywords don't have the important factor that they used to have, most search engines used to ONLY use keywords. The fact is, it's better to use them and find out that they are not needed, than to not use them, and find out that they really are needed. They don't take up that much room.

Basically, NMP does not agree with the first statement of the next pargraph about keywords. We do agree with the rest about the META description.

Although META Keywords are no longer used, the META description is a useful tool that can drive traffic to your website. It’s the bit that comes under your page name when you do a search in Google, for example, and so should include a call to action. “Wide range of quality golf clubs and accessories in stock now. Call [phone number] or visit our website.” – is a good META description.

Getting a website is as easy as "1-2-3"



Net Magik Pros Web Design will optimize the design of your website with less code so you will get better search engine placement.

That's right, your website can get better search engine placement because of the design!

Most web site designs or re-designs will only cost $750.

Read More about the design of your website and search engine optimization



$50 per month includes:

  1. One hour of our time monthly
  2. Server Hosting Space (the computer where your website is located on)
  3. Search engine submission monthly
  4. 24/7/365 access to update your own website from any internet connection.
  5. Monthly website back-up
  6. Security updates



Search Engine Submission ONLY is $60 per month, if your website was not designed and optimized by Net Magik Pros Web Design.

If Net Magik Pros designs your website, your monthly cost is only $50. Plus it includes more than just SEO (see Maintenance).

This price is competitive compared to most SEO providers.

About the name Net Magik Pros

What does Net Magik Pros mean?

  • Net = InterNET
  • Magik = Magic (Marc was a semi-professional magician, but because his name is spelled with a "c" at the end, we decided to spell magic with a "k")
  • Pros = Professionals

Together the name means InterNET MAGIK PROfessionalS.

Many of our clients tell us that we put the Magik into their website, and take the guess work out of it. We explain what we are doing in easy to understand language so that our client understands what we are doing!
Now you know!

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