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Battle Creek Kindness

Battle Creek KindnessPlease CONTACT US if you would like some Kindness Cards or like to volunteer to be a part of the Battle Creek Kindness group.

Visit their website at:


Getting a website is as easy as "1-2-3"



Net Magik Pros Web Design will optimize the design of your website with less code so you will get better search engine placement.

That's right, your website can get better search engine placement because of the design!

Most web site designs or re-designs will only cost $750.

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$50 per month includes:

  1. One hour of our time monthly
  2. Server Hosting Space (the computer where your website is located on)
  3. Search engine submission monthly
  4. 24/7/365 access to update your own website from any internet connection.
  5. Monthly website back-up
  6. Security updates



Search Engine Submission ONLY is $60 per month, if your website was not designed and optimized by Net Magik Pros Web Design.

If Net Magik Pros designs your website, your monthly cost is only $50. Plus it includes more than just SEO (see Maintenance).

This price is competitive compared to most SEO providers.

About the name Net Magik Pros

What does Net Magik Pros mean?

  • Net = InterNET
  • Magik = Magic (Marc was a semi-professional magician, but because his name is spelled with a "c" at the end, we decided to spell magic with a "k")
  • Pros = Professionals

Together the name means InterNET MAGIK PROfessionalS.
Now you know!

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If you are considering a website for your personal care service business, I would like to recommend to you a friend who has a proven track record for getting websites placed in the search engines through Search Engine Optimization. Marc and his wife Barb have been in business for over 10 years. I am especially honored to recommend his business to you as Marc, himself, is battling Multiple Sclerosis. He does not allow it to get him down and if you take a look on Net Magik Pros'' website to see examples of the clients they have helped, you will see for yourself.
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