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The best rule to remember is this:

  • If it is on paper it should also have your web site address and your e-mail address at the very least.
  • If it is not paper (somewhere electronically, electronic billboard etc.) Same rule applies
  • It should have your website at least (your website can have a form to contact you, your address, your phone number etc.)

This can save you money in the long run.
It will be cheaper to put your logo and a web site address on something rather than listing phone number (which probably wont be remembered) or address (which again, it probably won't be remembered)

Think of it like a billboard sign along the freeway. People who pass your sign will have 1 - 3 seconds to view your sign.
Do you think they will memorize your address in that time?
Remember that a pencil/pen will have to be dug out to wright it down!
Maybe they have a phone number that is easy to memorize (These are difficult to get)
Using our own website as an example, NMPWeb.com is easier to remember and our website has all info needed to contact us

Promoting Your Web Site Ideas for Your Web Site

This is the NMP Web rule.

IT'S YOUR WEB SITE. We will merely suggest ideas to you. Ideas that are based on Experience and Knowledge

But it is your web site. If you absolutely want something done with your web site, then it will be. These ideas are just suggestions, not orders!

The best rule to remember is this, if it has your phone number, it should also have your web site address.
If you have a web site, will you put your phone number on it? Then why not put your web address on your business card, etc.
If you have a radio ad, people will remember your web address more often than your phone number.

Here are some general price guidelines for NMP Web

First consultation:


Domain Names:
$25.00 per year

Server Space: $600.00 per year

Creation of web pages for site:
NMP Web will create a template for your web site to be used in Joomla! Content Management System (CMS).

You can basically make as many pages as you like. If you contact us

Update package:
Our $50.00 per month. This includes

  • 1 hour of our time, per month (texts and images etc)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Server Space is also included



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