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Net Magik Pros Web Design will optimize the design of your website with less code so you will get better search engine placement.
That's right, your website can get better search engine placement because of the design!

Most of NMP web site designs or re-designs will cost $999 or less.

Chances are, you can find a cheaper price for designing your website. But some questions to ask, if the price is cheaper to design your website, are:

  1. Do you design the site so that it is search engine friendly?
    If the designer doesn’t understand the question, or answers something like “the design has nothing to do with search engine friendliness”, or “search engine placement” RUN! They have no idea what they are talking about!
    They should be able to tell you, in plain English, how your website will be search engine friendly. They should be able to give you clear, easy to follow examples of what search engine friendly code looks like.
  2. How does the website get into the search engines?
    Again, if the designer doesn’t know, or if you get an answer similar to: “My website is in the search engines, so once I get done with your website, I’ll place a link to it, and it will automatically show up in the search engines” RUN!
    Yes you will show up in whatever search engines the designer/developer shows up in, but if they don’t come up in a search engine, neither will you!
  3. Does this other web designer/developer have a portfolio, or even better, do they have a website themselves?
    Sad to say but we have seen potential clients find another web designer/developer that was cheaper, unfortunately, that’s where it ended. Not all reputable web designers/developers are bad. Usually, if they are a good designer/developer and they have been around a while, we have probably heard of them. We have probably referred someone to them. We have literally had someone walk thru our doors and ask if we could have their website up within 6 months and get rid of the “This Website is Under Construction” page. Remember, putting up an “under construction” page does not show progress. Even if there is a date on when the website will be up, things happen. It is better to not have anything up until the website is ready to be submitted to the search engines.

If you have a relative that will re-design your website or create a website for you, and you are comfortable with that, don’t call us! This is not meant as an offense, but NMP is not a part of your “blood relative family” and probably won’t show up to: Christmas Gatherings for your family, Easter Gatherings for your family, Birthday’s, Wedding’s etc. Your relative, however, being a part of your family, will show up to these things. If the website isn’t working properly, or if it just isn’t done yet, what do you think the conversation will come around to if you and your relative are at the same family gathering? Eventually one of two things will happen, you will be entirely happy with your website and figure it was the best decision you ever made, OR, (if the website is not what you wanted) your relative will stop coming to family functions because they don’t have a good answer about why the website isn’t up or why the website isn’t functioning the way you first discussed with them.
Either way, you will be extremely happy, or extremely disappointed and looking for a new web designer. Sure it will probably be cheaper, but will the website be what you want it to be?

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