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Diverse Background

Marc and Barb were successful graduates of our Computer Programming Department here at M.C.T.I. and so have a diverse background in several areas of Computer Programming besides web pages. They have always been very generous with their time, often helping others with their work. They have even been willing to come back to the school after graduation to share their Web Page making experience with the students (which I appreciated because they now know much more than I do about it !) We are very proud of their excellent work and the success of their business - they are a credit to our alumni.

Dave Boshka
Computer Programming Professor \ Michigan Career and Technical Institute
Plainwell, MI

Dedicated Webmasters

Net Magik Pros very first website

I think Net Magik Pros Web Design are dedicated webmasters that constantly is improving their work!

This quality alone puts Net Magik Pros Web Design ahead of their competition. Net Magik Pros Web Design's most valuable asset is time and they are very generous in spending the necessary time and more to assure the website is the way their clients want it. Time is a fixed resource and I know one thing, Net Magik Pros Web Design spent endless amounts of time with me to build one of their 1st website's which was my Roadpie site. Despite all the extra hours they spent on my site they only charged me for the actual work and completion of the site. To this day Net Magik Pros Web Design continually wants to make my site better and better. As Net Magik Pros Web Design has evolved they want to see my site evolve too...this is a quality unmatched by any other. I'm happy to know Marc and Barb as people and equally happy to trust Net Magik Pros Web Design with my websites now and in the future.

Road Kill Awareness
Bob D.
Originally from Hastings, MI and now it Austin, Texas

Customer Service

I needed a website for my business. I came across Net Magik Pros Web Design and checked out their website. I saw quality & was impressed.

Marc & Barb both sat down with me and explained what they could do for me, in detail. When I left I thought, “my gosh! They sure spent time with me, and sure gave me lots of ideas.” I felt comfortable talking with them and sharing my ideas and they shared theirs. I really got customer service!

I had made a decision, I was going to go with Net Magik Pros Web Design.

During the process, Marc would explain some of the steps he was going to take and what I could do to help. I would get excited, because I could see my website coming together. I'm very particular. I wanted a website that would fit my business & customers, and Net Magik Pros Web Design did just that. I couldn't be happier!

I will highly recommend Net Magik Pros Web Design to anyone. They have team work & excellent customer service & do quality work. I give Net Magik Pros Web Design, on Service and Quality an A! 

Thank You for all you have done!

Kathy G.
Olivet, MI

Fantastic Site

Being a designer I already knew what I wanted my site to look like, the last company I worked with did not listen to me and I was unhappy with the results. Net Magik Pros Web Design was able to use elements that I liked with things I felt were lacking-leaving me with a fantastic site that projects the image I was looking for my company. The site is clean and organized, but also fun! I will refer Net Magik Pros Web Design to anyone looking for a website. I can trust that they will listen to their needs and give them exactly what they want. That is worth its weight in gold!

Jackson, MI

MAGIK of web sites

Working with Net Magik Pros Web Design made a very scary step into a new business much easier. They are great people to work with and easy to relate to. NMP takes all the confusion out of the web world and brings it into simple terms that anyone can understand.

Net Magik Pros Web Design truly is great with the MAGIK of web sites.

Delton, MI

NMP Web Design Cares

Net Magik Pros Web Design truly cares about their clients..... it's obvious in the way they go above and beyond to make sure that your website is exactly how you want it.

And in the one on one attention that they give, from start to finish, and everything in between. They work hard to make sure you get what you want and more. Keep up the awesome work!

Kevin B

They Go the Extra Mile

It has been a pleasure working together with Marc and Barb to make the WGD Forum a big success. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to web design and are great contributors to the group. They always go the extra mile to provide excellent presentations as well as help anyone out. I would recommend Net Magik Pros Web Design to anyone who needs a professional website for their business or otherwise.

Mark S.
Web & Graphic Design Forum
Grand Rapids, MI

Many Thanks

Thanks to all for help with the festival. On behalf of the citizens of Battle Creek and visitors to our city, I would like to express appreciation for all the behind-the-scenes assistance with the Festival. Many thanks Net Magik Pros Web Design for creating the festival website and updating it daily with photos of the festival.

Linda W.
Battle Creek Area Chamber Foundation

First Class

Thank you so much!!
Net Magik Pros Web Design is First Class

Bedford Charter Township

This is Awesome!

Net Magik Pros--thank you - this is awesome

Division of Immunotherapy and Autoimmune Diseases

Wow! I love it

"Wow! I love it"
I love my new website! Net Magik Pros Web Design was a delight to work with.

He really listened to my business needs and came back with a website I am excited to share with my clients. Thanks NMP!

Milagros P.

Nothing But Compliments

Thank you so much for all your help, this website looks so good and it's so great to have one, it has received nothing but compliments - kudos to you!!!

Amy M.
Battle Creek, MI

Better than I ever Expected

Thanks for doing everything far better than I ever expected!

Battle Creek, MI


The site looks amazing!! I’m so glad that we stayed with you!!
Bedford Charter Township


Seasoned Professionals

Net Magik Pros Web Design is incredibly well-versed in the areas of web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Though they humbly disavow their greatness, they are well-experienced, seasoned professionals with a great track-record and an ability to deliver results drawing from a depth of understanding and skill.

Joe K.
Joe Kawano Graphics & Video
Grand Rapids, MI

Liking the website

I am really liking the site!!


I'm Smiling

"Looks great!"
"I love it, you've out done yourself!"
"Great job!"

"I appreciate your fast work and great service,
oh by the way I'm smiling!"


Chris D.
Marshall, MI


The website looks great

Ken C.
Battle Creek, MI


From Jim, a member of the Web and Graphic Design Forum:
"I really enjoyed your presentation tonight and it is obvious that you spent a great deal of time studying it."

Jim B.
The Coolest Guy on the Planet!
Grand Rapids, MI


This website is awesome! I plan on visiting all of Net Magik Pros Web Design sites.

Defense Logistics Agency
Customer Contact Center
Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center
Battle Creek, MI


Thank you very much for informing me about our website support and also for making the changes. It's customers will not get confused.


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