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Plain and simple, we offer Websites, Blogs (mainly Joomla and Wordpress), and search engine placement. An old saying goes:

There is no sense in having a website if nobody can find it.

This still remains true today. Sure, things have gotten easier to get your web site listed in some search engines, but even if you feel your web site doesn't NEED search engine placement, unless you have a ton of money, does it make sense to make more money if it's possible?

If you don't want a monthly fee, we can respect that, and we can make your web site for you, but please understand that if you are not on our update program, and you need a change to your website, it will cost $150. The $150 charge gets YOU access to make changes to your website.*

If you want Net Magik Pros to make the updates then the minimum charge will be $300 and charges after that will be $150.00 per hour

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